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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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>> good morning i'll call to order this monthly of the san francisco transportation authority commissioner avalos absent supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee we have quorum
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okay. please call item 2. >> item 2 chairs recorded an informational item. >> colleagues earlier today we healed held our annual building of the new agency i want to congratulate supervisor jane kim that will chair and supervisor christensen will serve and vice chair the project is many innovative opportunities to model new ways of doing business for sustainable transportation i look forward to partnering with tide and mta the various ferry operators over the coming years to make sure that treasure island has a very very successful transportation future i'd like to express your appreciation to bart for delivering outstanding services for the golden state warriors parade primarily figures over 4
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hundred and 50 thousand riders used bart the second highest richd and ridership the top spot is for the ignites for 2012 we know how critical bart is to our regional and the system is straining under the pressure of increased ridership as the population grows for that reason bart s will improve on time and performance the budget puts thirty more train cars during the peak service and commits $20 million for the rail reminded to keep us save and reliable this is additionally i'm hoping that bart counties about join together to lend critical support for this system it is important for the quality of life of our region i also want to colleagues thank
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all of you and mayor ed lee for participating in the 22 day muni challenge supported by san francisco transit riders we had hundred percent all lotta's fountain supervisors and mayor it was a fun and at times two days of the challenges of system the one thing i'll say as a daily muni rider for many years when our tracking each of our rides as opposed to having vague memory with negative experiences forgetting the positive experiences muni does pretty well compared to some of the perspectives about the system the system carries 7 hundred thousand trips a day almost half of the ridership of the bay area in a changing physical lay out
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in san francisco given the density and the narrow streets and i high congestion but i think this challenge highlighted i hope it oracle waits the critical need to increase the capacity and reliability of san francisco grows by 10 thousand people a year as our economy continues to grow and more and more congestion on the streets we have to provide people with viable transit options so let's keep on doing that so with that colleagues that's the chairs report any questions or comments please now is the time great public comment is closed. on item 2. >> please come forward. >> look forward stay ahead with the planning which we shall
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do research on the important - >> is there any additional public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. and this is an informational item 3 is the executive director report >> thank you, supervisor wiener and i'm sure you're aware of last week the legislature passed a revised state budget that reflects the agreement with the governor he's expected to sign it more work needs to be done but we are pleased pleased to see they'll continue to engage in the discussions of the transportation funded at the state level that will continue to happen and we'll be tracking that as well as the advocate to
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include from the package more good news on the state level the affordable housing sustainable programs is recommending the corporation projects eddy and taylor will get $10 million for the mission bay and block east tenor million dollars if 9 negotiations go through out of hundred and 22 males it is 12.3 percent of the funding for the kindly of san francisco we'll successful and want to see thank and congratulate the city agency that worked with supervisor kim's office to achieve this terrific outcome bay area also happened to be successful compared to the rest of the state we're encouraged in prior round community didn't
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quite compete as well as is set bay we are received word our agency to get with bart will be recommended for $500,000 plus this will be to fund a pilot to address peak overcrowding in the embarcadero and bart station to continue to encourage travelers rider to avoid the station in the crowded period for people to get awards to take others alternatives the idea if we can change the peak of the peak off we can expand and continue to build capacity going forward. >> in terms of the regional transportation this is an an
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opportunity the project deadline is july 15th the rest of the regional we invite the public for major investments and need to seek federal and state funding through july 17th and members of the public can submit their ideas in spanish or chinese and other languages our 41513665 or our website another piece of good news the mtc has the federal fund that are distributed by mtc at the regional level they'll further regard communities that are cvs housing for the community program is suggested to increase to our share to about 14.4 percent from the last round we
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were able to gain 12 percent of the regional funds for the benefit of the housing plans we're moving forward locally it is positive on the local side thank you to supervisor kim adjoining the housing authority staff as well as the tenderloin neighborhood to celebrate the completion of mcallister park street it was funded by prop double a with the landscaping and tree planting and such neighborhood transportation improvement program continues as well to we've funded planning in district 1, 2, 5 and 9 and one transportation capital project the caesar chavez potrero in district 10 and district 2 and 10 to the
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citizens advisory committee over the next year working with the remaining district that are still developing they're planning efforts and capital plan for more information contact our staff at the sfmta it's been a busy month in the community with so many activities happening a host of events related to mayor ed lee's and the city's conference of mayors we highlighted the great work around transportation and as well as others community and other jurisdiction and also wanted to recognize supervisor cowen so for doing a grabbing great job at recent african-american celebration we later that evening joining her staff on the june 18th event we're hoping to continue to be a positive impact into the
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community with the other staff representing transportation in the community and hearing from folks the ideally drive is rescheduled july 9th a closer to caltrain can finish that the closer is july 9th through july 13th allowing the contractor to have the intersections as well as to complete the battery and main post tunnels it is a major milestone please join us on monday the 13 pr regarding the topple there was a special meeting held to provide an update it is anticipated there will be an additional increase to the budget we'll work with tjpa staff and the city on those
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solutions the tjpa board understand the plans to rise the budget in the meeting and bringing more information to you as that work continues. >> there's some new pedestrian islands on the delivery side in 3 san francisco neighborhood benefiting from prop k and good work of the sfmta and the public works the islands are in the districts 10 and 11 and stanley boulevard in district 10 and winston drive there are paragraph common measures as well as pedestrian improvements for those efforts we want folks to know we're putting their prop k fund for prop a and prop b fund to good use the sfmta has constructed island for the prop b funds
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around 4 7 and 10 avenue the light rail vehicles are underdevelopment we were pleased to participate in tour of the media event hosted by sfmta to share the latest finds as you recall the transportation authority approved hundred and $59 million to help the sfmta to replace the fleet with the bus we're hoping to fund and represent 9 single largest allocation in the 25 history of the salesforce program muni is for be efficient and greener and expands our capacity so we're happy to make that happen and finally on june level 11 we executed a program to have resolving credit for the
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direction from the board last month thank you cynthia for a 3450g9 transportation tra transaction as well as our bond peabody llp financial advisors as well for the tremendous work and as a bonus the moody raised our credit if a to excuse me. double a two to double a-1 and moody cited the diversity as well as the management of the program so thank you very much to moody and such we reaffirmed the ratings of our debt i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you. >> thank you very much colleagues questions or comments okay. seeing none is there public comment is closed.
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on that believe on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> this is an informational item. >> call item 4. >> approval of the minutes of the may 2015 meeting and colleagues additions, deletions, or changes to the minutes seeing none is there any public comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed and mr. clerk, call the roll. >> on item four commissioner avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor jane kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee minutes are approved. >> okay item number 5 and item 5 authorized the executive director to execute the annual
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renewables unlawfully not to exceed one million dollars plus in the contract terms and conditions an action item. >> colleagues questions or comments on item 4 seeing none, that believe on item 5. >> audits the executive director of annual contract renewal an option for commercial and annual professional service is an item in terms of the proper being put in order. >> is there any additional public comment on item 5 seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, same house, same call? actually is the house -
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we'll take that without objection. mrashd. >> item 6 work hard a contract for 2, one year primentsdz in the amount of not to exceed 3 hundred thousand for audit services and the executive director to contract the terms terms. >> colleagues that believe is there any public comment? colleagues item 6 same house, same call? that will be the order. >> item 7. >> increase the amount of professional services with the company for $200,000 not to exceed 44 thousand for the planning engineer for the 19th street avenue and authorize the executive director to modify the contract payment terms in addition an action items.
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>> colleagues is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak. >> any i public comment seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, can we take same house, same call? that will be the order. >> item 8 adopt the fiscal year 2015-2016 annual budget and work program colleagues, any comments or questions seeing none public comment is closed. please come forward. >> the investment solution we can attest the one single format we're perform. >> thousand changes and beyond the extension of one step fix format. >> is there any additional public comment on item 8. >> seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, can we take item 8
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same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order. >> item 9 and a allocate 49 plus in prop k with conditions and appropriate 4 hundred thousand plus in prop k for the schedules this is an action item. >> colleagues, any questions or comments on item 9 public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues what we take item 9 same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order. >> item 9 for the potrero hill final report this is an action report. >> colleagues, any questions or comments on item 10 seeing none is there any public comment on item 10 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> ms. brison don't leave yet ms. brison. >> item 11.
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>> item 11 approve the 2015-2016 transportation fund for clear air project an action item. >> colleagues questions or comments on item 11 any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues, can we take item 11 same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order item 12. >> introduction of new items an informational item. >> colleagues, any introductions supervisor tang. >> thank you chair so today i'd like to make a formal request from the mta for the transportation needs in san francisco i know this is a topic that probable all my colleagues are interested in as well when is unique about the study we're embarking on we as a city never completed a citywide analysis of city transportation needs we know that they have been several agencies simple the
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sfmta dph and you thought and others that attempted to do their own studies but nothing comprehensive to understand the needs of the public schools and par california schools everyday 29 schools that travel through san francisco we hope to understand the travel needs and gain an understanding of the shortcomings with the transportation and see whether there are changes to the travel behaviors so with the finding we look forward to using the data to develop strategies to meet the san francisco needs of our ask the and families we have received commitment and today, i'm requesting a $25,000 from the mta to be part of this work
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i look forward to working with the colleagues and the mta and sfmta and the parent and stakeholders on this issue the rest i submit. >> great, thank you supervisor tang. >> colleagues, any additional introductions seeing none, any public comment on item 12 you don't have to raise your hand. >> also family student i'm with the social duty of having a responsibility by standing in the corner of stockton between curry and for example and i say every morning there's a momma good morning momma i a lot of love you a momma that's flexible education
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item number 3 best up. >> to be alive. >> is there any additional public comment on item 12 seeing none, public comment is closed item 13. >> item 13 public comment. >> any general public comment seeing none, general public comment is closed. and before he adjourn ms. brison i want to acknowledge ms. brison her last meeting as an employee of the transportation authority trt she'll be go the the sfmta we look forward to working with you and thank you on behalf of the authority for your service to the institution and the residents of san francisco and most recently, i want to specifically thank you for the real amazing work you did on the
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late night transportation master plan that we were able to put together and it was really sort of a great group of night life advocates and economic development people not a lot of transportation expertise thank you to the authority and ms. brison you stepped in and provided critical expert support and made it a much, much better project on behalf of the authority thank you. >> thank you chair wiener thank you listing for our 5 years of service it has gone by fast you're a energy girs bunny not only the late night plan but with the county wide plan and the western selma transportation and the bay area in district 10
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as well as waterfront and in widen the improvements to the west side with our knowledge and experience we appreciate the work you've done with the ta and benefiting did region as mentions and look forward to working with you further as you continue your career with the sfmta. >> mr. clerk any additional work before the body. >> item 14 adjournment. >> we're adjourned thank you
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